Tree Services

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From the smallest of shrubs to the largest tree, even in an awkward place we will endeavour to carry out a professional job, removing whatever is required.

We carry out the job with the minimal of upheaval to the client and surrounding area.

Where necessary we will inform neighbouring properties of any expected disturbance and tailor the works, whenever possible, to fit in with your schedule.


Pruning and dead-wooding is essential work as a responsible tree owner to ensure the safety of the public and highways.

As a living thing trees grow throughout the year and if left unchecked can overhang or obstruct the free flow of traffic and pedestrians, causing at the very least an inconvenience or in the worst case, serious injury or even death.

We carry out this essential tree maintenance throughout the year on all trees, especially those close to public amenities and highways.

Dismantling & Removal:

Whether you want to clear a single sapling in an awkward place or an acre of established woodland, our skilled and experienced team are able to complete any tree dismantling project with efficiency and control.

We have regularly undertaken a wide range of tree dismantling projects, from power line vegetation management to small tree felling projects for private individuals – we’ve done it all.

Stump Grinding, Stump Removal:

The gringing/removal of tree stumps is carried out by a machine which can fit through a gateway and grinds to a depth of 12-16″ below ground level. The result enables the site available for re-planting or for building work.

We can grind out tree stumps from 2 cm to as big as you can imagine, leaving the surrounding area undisturbed and tidy.

The left over chippings can be left on site for you to use as excellent organic garden mulch


The high skill level of our staff, and the stringent health and safety regulations which we insist upon, means that we are able to undertake any tree felling project with the highest level of competence and control.